Diversity in the Workplace – How Can New Managers Improve the Culture?

So, you’re a new manager at a new organization and you know that diversity in the work place is important, but you notice that your organization could do much better in this area. You know it’s important because, according to research, diverse workplaces perform better,. You need a way to quickly start implementing new changes in your workplace.

Here are some things that you can do at any level of management to improve the diversity in the workplace:

1. Long-term positive change has to come from a commitment from the top management to diversity. Without the support of top management diversity efforts will fail. This means top managers must communicate in speech, in writing and most importantly through their behavior that diversity matters.

2. Make sure that your personnel hiring qualification criteria are unambiguous, explicit, and focused. This will remove all doubt that minority hires were selected simply for a quota. They will have demonstrated they have not a rigorous entry criteria for hiring. This will remove future arguments about quotas and the resentment that this can cause.

Here are a few more strategies to help you recruit a diverse workforce:

1. Be more aggressive in establishing diversity recruiting goals based on companies need and the local population.

2. Make sure your hiring process is aligned with your reward system for recruiters.

3. Look for partnership opportunities with local recruiters. Consider long-term partnership arrangements.

4. Make sure that your final consideration pool reflects true diversity.

5. Incorporate previous success stories in the recruiting process narrative.

6. Make sure that you have a good mentor ship and sponsorship program so that new hires and get off to a good start.

7. Look for feedback to see how the current hiring practices are working out and learn from that feedback.

8. Be prepared to weather the storm of initial setbacks when implementing new hiring processes.

If you keep these issues and techniques in mind, as a new manager you should be able to start making an immediate positive difference in the diversity and culture of your workforce. You can expect to see better performance, improved morale and future growth based on your enlightened management procedures. Good luck!