The Process of Recruitment Outsourcing

Recruitment is a part of the HR (Human Resource) process. It involves sourcing, screening and on-boarding those candidates who suits an employer’s profile requirement. By working in association with a service provider, an entrepreneur is empowered to source & pre-screen candidates as per the required skills. These third-party vendors assist clients in hiring, researching niche job panels, mapping competitive segments and so on. Also, they cater to the employment requirements of different business verticals (such as financial, retail, IT) from entry-level to management level positions.

A service provider monitors a recruitment process closely, by evaluating the number of sourced candidates, number of interviews conducted, number of offers made, number of joinings done. They even measure the overall business performance metrics, such as, average time taken to hire a candidate, ageing requisitions as well as cost per hire.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services include the following:

• Requisition development with recruitment management
• Planning and implementation of candidate sourcing strategy
• Business consulting services
• Recruitment strategy development
• Screening services
• Interview scheduling
• Offer management services
• Staffing operations analysis & reporting
• Staffing & budgeting support
• Workforce management support
• Background check services
• Employee on-boarding

HR Administration and Employee Management

On-boarding: A service provider manages offer letters, new contracts, reference checks, joiner formalities and so on.

Probation: A service provider ensures that a client’s line managers are well informed about all the necessary probationary formalities.

Employee data management: A service provider ensures that employees are well informed about all the necessary probation formalities.

Structural changes: An outsourcing firm records a client’s database and updates any structural changes made on their part, by following up with the enterprise in every month or as and when required.

Absence: They also manage applications, leaves and absences under diverse categories, such as medical leave, maternity leave, etc. and process the same info to clients.

Other than this, provident funds, pension letters, relieving letters, etc. are also being handled by the HR consultants of an outsourcing firm.

Reliable solutions, dedicated team and tested methodologies ensure safety and confidentiality of an employee’s information.

Benefits and reimbursements

An outsourcing firm develops state-of-the-art HRO services, deploys technology enabled solutions, integrates a BPO model empowering an organization to operate efficiently. A service vendor transforms the recruitment process of an organization and empowers entrepreneurs to optimize their process and meet their short and long term HR objectives.

Besides, a third-party vendor also handles the employee reimbursement part such as medical and insurance settlement and so on.

The HR experts of an outsourcing agency are proficient in managing global employees and optimizing administrative and employment course through technology integration and process innovation, in workflow management, knowledge management and other relevant areas.